Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cynical Me

You know what brings out the best cynic in me? Politics.
If only I had a penny, no paisa, when someone said “he is a very good ” while referring to a politician and I would think “ya right”.
Every time some one talks about Obama and “change”, I think “he is not the president yet!! Wait!!”
Somehow I can’t bring myself to trust them. It is as though they are a different species all together. Today I was watching part “Independence Day” again. Bill Pullman seemed like an intelligent president. I could not help thinking “how come we have intelligent politicians only in movies??”
And then compare the world’s politicians with our politicians.
Arghhhh.At least Obama tries to reach out to his people. He has an account in every social networking site, has his profile on Linkedin and twitter too. He or at least his team is trying to connect with the younger crowd. What about our politicians? They are good at one thing though. They can segregate the country on the basis of community, religion, race and so on. They can poison the minds of citizens for their selfish benefits. All are yuck except few like Chidambaram and Arun Shourie.

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