Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Writers Write

I wanted to create a goal or a mission statement for this blog. Just like I have been meaning to write a personal creed. We all know how well that is going. I wanted something elaborate and fun. Something that would reflect my ambitions for my future. But I am just not sitting at my desk for enough time to put it down on paper rather laptop. The other day, it struck me that I have to keep writing. Thats what writers do. We write. Thank you, thank you. I know this is such a deep, reflective post. I am floating on air in my padma asana posture. :)

Friday, March 15, 2013


What is your definition of a family? Ideally and traditionally it should be a father, mother, and children with a lot of support from extended family. But some people are luckier than some others.
I was browsing and found this quote about family but I forgot to save the link-
“There is love in the household and that the children can depend on the adults to nurture them, guide them, and protect them. That’s family.” I thought it was a very good definition of a family. But I realized just now that it is a non-inclusive one. I think that is the best definition of a healthy family environment for children. Without getting too sentimental, I think a family is one where people are nurtured by each other. Period.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Psst.. com closer

Its Friday today and do you know how I start my weekends every Friday evening? I drool over this awesomeness - Apartment Therapy, I love you. It takes me to far away land where I live in a country house or a cosy cottage. It keeps my fantasies alive. Ok, that was a stretch. It is feast for my eyes. Ok shhh.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

How Do They Do It?

So how does a mother of three children all below the age of three update her blog regularly? How does this mother of three all below the age of five update her blog regularly? Or how does this mother of two, studying to be a doctor, experiment with cooking and knitting and update her blog regularly. Yep, time management. They do it so well. I wish I could write atleast tiny posts that are so very creative like her. Aah, I wish I could look like her. No, I wish I could write like her. :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blogging Sentiments

Do you suffer any sentiments associated with blogging?
I wanted to blog about certain atrocious incidents against women. My blood was boiling but I just could not sit down to write about them because I was happy about certain events in my life and did not want to cloud those moments with unpleasant thoughts. I know, very stupid logic but I am not going to apologise either.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Numbing the Pain

I understand why the mind numbs the pain. It is a coping mechanism and I love nature for doing it. When a person repeatedly goes through bouts of pain, the mind protects the heart by numbing the pain. If the heart is allowed to experience all that pain, it would not last very long. So this is a good solution.
But it is sad that the person goes dead inside. Watching this TED video was a revelation for me. It was shocking to know that a person who numbs pain cannot experience joy or love.
Another thing that I observed about this video is the claim that people in this generation are more prone to drugs, depression etc because we numb our pain. Doesn't it make you wonder how people in the older generations coped. Because people across all cultures in the yesteryears were asked to shutup and follow the rules. Our generation is by far the most expressive of all generations. Example: Facebook, loaded with useless rants.
So I wanted an answer for this question and bought Brene Brown's book "The Gifts of Imperfection" when I started writing this post. Since then I have moved on to two other books because Brene Brown was ranting about her personal journey in the book too. I will probably get back to this book later.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Arranged Marriages and The Big Bang Theory

I have been watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory and it struck me that these guys are ideal candidates for the arranged marriage market.
You ask me how?
All four of them are highly educated. All of them hold a phd degree except Howard.
All four of them are scientists.
All four of them are whipped by obedient to their mothers.
They have zero sexual history.
Can’t talk to women even if they wanted to.
No addictions.
God-fearing mother/ Scientist parents/ Rich gynecologist father.
It does read like a matrimonial ad isn't it? Well settled groom, good family background, and clean habits. All they have to do is post an ad saying “Seeking bride who is fair, slim, educated, homely (or should it be home loving?), and a working woman” and matches are going to pour in by the scores.
My bet is Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s profile will be the most sought after one. All four of them would be married in no time irrespective of how dysfunctional they are.
Don’t start talking about the benefits of an arranged marriage because you would be preaching to the choir. I had an arranged marriage. It is not necessarily such a bad thing. Arranged or love boils down to commitment. My question is how long will arranged marriages be relevant? We meet people of the opposite sex everyday. We know the kinds of people out there. Most of us need more than one meeting to find someone mildly attractive. Even love at first sight needs time and intimacy to evolve into a relationship that is ready for marriage.   
Don’t fool yourself in saying that we can find a middle ground between arranged and love marriage. You know there is no such thing as a love cum arranged marriage. If you find your spouse its love marriage and if your parents find your spouse it is called arranged marriage. It is your life. Grow up and take control of it.  
I remember my college lecturer saying “Marriage is like a lottery. Love marriages could give us a chance to tilt the scales in our favour.”
Haven’t our parents done enough for us already? Why burden them with finding our spouses too? Everybody’s profile looks good on paper. So take a good look at your profile, gain confidence, and meet people. Ditch community etc in favour of personality and compatibility. Meet people through your friends and dating/matrimonial sites. Join forums or groups that interest you and meet people who have similar interests as yours. Enjoy getting to know them. Decide when your heart and mind says it is the right thing to do.
To quote Frank Sinatra loosely, you may have a few regrets but you would have done it your way.
Note: This post was written for the Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage! contest by Sony Entertainment Television and Indiblogger. Head out to www.facebook.com/LoveYaArrange for more information.