Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crescentia Kalpana David

I am using one of IHM’s blogscars topics "Women’s name change" as a writing prompt. I may be going on a tangent on this topic. So I am not submitting this post for the contest.

The name is Crescentia Kalpana David. Crescentia pronounced as Cres-sen-shi-ya. Crescentia is a Catholic name that is an alternative name of Mary. Like most Indian Catholics my parents wanted an Indian name too and hence Kalpana.

Throughout my academic life I was D. Crescentia Kalpana. Then I joined an MNC and I was asked my last name. So D moved to the end of the name and expanded to David, of course my Dad’s name. I loved the sound of it. There was something about it that sounded good. All the vowel and consonant sounds jived together to make it a happy name.

They say that long names are sexy. Therefore, a very long name should make it super sexy?

Now I am called by all forms of my name-Kalpana, Kalp, Kalpi, Crescentia, Cres, DC, sometimes David too.

I have always been a Daddy’s girl. When I used my father’s initial or his name, I never thought much about it. Yes it is unfair on my mother because I do not use her name. My name is now very much part of my identity.

By the time I got married I was so used to my name that I did not want to change it. A few years back I thought that one day I would be so crazily in love that I would love everything about him. I would be so mad about him that I would add his name to my name. Now, I wonder what I was thinking. Obviously my head was filled with cotton candy.

Dear Patidev, I am willing to do anything for you. Will you ask me of measly little thing such as changing my name? You love me just the way I am and would not want me to change anything about me, not even my name, don’t you? You definitely will not sulk if Benno chooses to use Anton Benno Crescent.


  1. Good decision not changing your name. I did it out of the love and all, but trust me it then becomes such a hassle. You need to get it changed on bank accounts and passports and oh, the PAN card, which is just horrible.

  2. Good one DC i didn't knew the history behind this.. and yes by the way credit for DC should go to me as I used to call you DC:-)

  3. Did you forget that someone calls you Kalpuuu :)