Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Small things that make a world of difference

It is my birthday today and it got me thinking about my past birthdays. I am in a very mushy mood today so I started thinking about some very special moments too. There have been so many moments in my life where I was floored by a small gesture. These have kept me going for a very long time.
Bruno traveled all day long to come to Hyderabad so that he could celebrate my birthday. This is not a small gesture though. But, how many brothers do that for their sisters? My parents try to make my birthdays pleasant and memorable. I get my favourite food, cake, cards, dresses and so on. Most of all they are very patient with me when I delay getting ready for office which usually annoys them.
On my 30th birthday Shilpa wrote this blog post for me. I was so honoured. I miss that celebration in Minerva.
My time in Cordys was super good because of friends like Videhi, Sangeetha, and Suneetha. I was so thrilled with that surprise birthday party. Thanks a lot girls.
Now in CA, my Gang of Girls makes everyday fun. Breaks, birthdays, outings, etc are all fun.
My college birthdays were unforgettable. I would be, as always, late to class. I would then try to rush into the class as though a few seconds were going to help me getting into the class on time. As soon as my friends could hear me coming in through the corridor they would start singing “Happy B’day..”.
Then there is this friend who calls me on every birthday since I started working in Dell and sings the complete birthday song with a lot of enthusiasm.
Then there are some very special moments that I will cherish forever. Like my brother bought me a IPod and setup a wireless network at home after Benno was born. This year when my Dad got to know about Daughter’s day, he bought me a bouquet. That was such a sweet gesture.
On the launch of Akansha, Shilpa gave me a bouquet and a card just to wish me luck. Akansha was appreciated by everybody in Dell but all those praises cannot equal what Shilpa did for me. One moment treasured for the rest of my life.
In another instance, Sneha and I were meeting after a long weekend. As soon as she saw me she starting squealing that she really missed me. Another treasured moment.
Once when Videhi was shopping for books she bought me a German dictionary because I was going German classes then.
Treasured moments presented by some of the most treasured people in my life.
There are so many such instances but this page is not going to be enough. So I end here.


  1. Moments cherished turn into Memories!
    Very sweet of you to recall, turning these memories into Joys of life! You deserve much more joys and many more friends :-)

  2. I feel so honored after reading your blog. Thank you and yes, as Videhi mentioned, you truly deserve many many more joys...love ya!

  3. You make me cry!!! Love U.. Miiiissss U a lot ...

    And by the way... those are loads of presents...:D

  4. Hope you had a great bday this year Kalpana!!!Wish you many more happy bdays and years!!! And many many thanks for mentioning me in this post :), You are one of my friends with whom i can share everything, thanks a lot for being so and hope to keep in touch forever :).

  5. Thanks for the wishes Suneetha. You are a good frnd.