Friday, December 12, 2008

I am back!!

Hi all, I am back and this time I hope I will post more often. Thanks Shilpa and Videhi for the encouragement. In a funny way thanks to Nikhil too.
Hey you know what I guess I finally grew up. In the past few months I started noticing a slight change in my perceptions. Few years back I was trying to be positive. Now I guess I am really being positive and may be a little grateful too.
A few months ago, I was reading some write ups on data integration and I thought ‘This is sooo good. I get to read on a wide range of technical info’.
Recently I was swaying to some local band playing rock music and I thought ‘This is where I had to be and I don’t want to be anywhere else’. This was one of those really peaceful moments. I can understand feeling this way in a Church but rock ??!!
I met up with a close friend for lunch and thought ‘This is what I need’. I am not talking about food of course.
Here comes the best. I walk into work each day and I realize I have a few close friends here and many good friends. I am greeted by smiles right from the elevator to my desk.
Yeah I am happy happy.

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