Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It’s the budget, STUPID

Its that time of the year again. Its time to submit investment proofs. I missed the deadline and submitted investment proofs late. I don’t know if it is just me or if everybody has this problem. I don’t like admitting this but I do not enjoy dealing with money. I do not plan my investments. Worst of all, I do not make any budgets.
The first three years of my professional life, I was an excellent citizen – I never saved anything on taxes. I know zilch in finance.
My New Year resolution was to be knowledgeable about finances. It was 2006 New Year resolution though. I have not learnt anything until now. Frustrated with my lack of discipline, I was googling for some basics in finances and look what I found – an article on what you should not buy new. The following, they say should never be bought new:

  • CDs and DVDs: hey I don’t want to encourage piracy.

  • Books: I have allergies. The only time I read a very old book was when I was a teenager. It was in tatters and was very dusty. I was continuously sneezing and my Mom banned all old books from home.

  • Electronics: don’t keep me away from technology.

  • Designer Clothes: How can a girl live without a few designer clothes? What is the use of all the money if you look like a hag?

  • Baby and Maternity Clothes: ahem N/A

  • Games and toys: as long as electronics are not included here, I don’t care.

  • Home and car: don’t have either.

Looks like I will never budget or plan my investments effectively. When will I ever learn?


  1. u dont have to rey..the moment u start taking these things seriously..u bcome another loser-of-the-money-saver genre!