Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh ya Valentine’s .. hmm

As soon as logged into gtalk on Monday morning, one of my closest friends asked me if I had any plans for the weekend. I asked him if it wasn’t too early to be planning for the weekend. His reply was “For you and me, it’s just another weekend. Many people wait for this weekend for ages” and that is when I realised it was Valentine’s on Saturday.

What is it about Valentines that makes people go crazy, mushy, and do all the sweetest things possible. I know a couple that went bungee jumping on V’day. Over the week I heard so many crazy things. One friend promised herself that she was going to wear black because wearing red didn’t make any difference. Another friend was cribbing that he had only dates to eat and no ‘hot dates’.

My Valentine’s Day started with message from a sweet friend wishing me and my ---- a happy V’day. My dear SMS friend, there is no name yet to fill that blank. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your gf though.

That bungee jumping couple got married yesterday. I attended their wedding and had a great time with a few of my closest friends. What do you do when you have a lot of time and a camera in hand? You take pictures of everything. - Hands, legs, bags, food, hairstyles, flowers, bugs etc.

Bungee jumping couple - You guys look so cute together and I am so happy for you guys. I particularly liked the SMS reminder where you said you where happy to marry your best buddy. Congrats. Oh btw the food was awesome.