Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Thoughts

Work is keeping me so busy that I am very exhausted and I am missing out on my daily, no weekly dates with my muse. Sad.

Added to this is the change in climate or some virus causing ill health to everybody, including me. Damn the virus.

Over the last week, there was an over dose of Women’s day celebration at work, TV and Church. I realized everybody has an opinion of ‘what a woman should be’ and ‘how she should behave’. My favorite book, ‘Little Princess’ sums how every human being must behave. When someone does not behave properly, firmly but very nicely say that it is not acceptable. Don’t take it lying low. On the other hand, one should never behave badly because a Princess never stoops low. Of course it is just a children’s book but you can learn a lot from it. You don’t have to agree, this is just my opinion.

What is the chance of meeting four your colleagues in a company of 200 odd employees in the same weekend in different parts of the city? Do we all lead uniform lives?

Slogged in the gym for more than a month and a half to shed 4 kilos. Congratulate me people.

Tired of everything, need a vacation.