Saturday, May 9, 2009

Only You

Before there is a flurry of posts on Mother’s day, let me be the first to one to start. This is not going to be a mushy one. Of course I love my Mom. I have always been Daddy’s girl but my Mom is the one who shaped me into the person that I am now. She has more influence on me than I realise. People who go shopping with me know this. I always look at any dress from her point of view. She is a miracle. The best cook ever. She is smart. She learnt MS Office before my Dad could start figuring what it was all about.

Well anybody who knows me knows that I quote my Mom very frequently. Here are some of my Mom’s comments:

I tend to whistle a lot which she obviously hates. Her response: “Stop that. You will grow a moustache.”

My brother was going through a phase when he was wearing only black, to be specific, black t-shirt with black jeans. My Mom said “he works in a coal mine”.

The other day I was complaining that my gym instructor was torturing me. She asked if “is she rolling you on the ground?”.


  1. Ur mom has got a very good sense of humor and of course u too without which you wouldnt have been able to put her words in such a way that readers too cant resist smiling :)

  2. Kalp! That sounds so like you... Do not forget-- your daughter thing... :D

  3. hehe..yeah..your end-user perspective as your mommy..i experienced it in our Big Bazaar rides..

  4. Oh yea those black dress i've shifted to grey though...Also she learnt to drive the car so quickly and she drives better than my sister (Crescentia) or my dad who went for official driving lessons and have a license.. :-P

  5. yep she is good :) .. btw is it charcoal grey or midnight grey :p