Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If Video killed Radio Star …who will kill TV?

After two days of leave and watching non-stop TV, I want to know –

Who reads all the feeds splashed across the NEWS channels’ screens. They are displayed everywhere on the screen, in all directions, and they have no correlation to each other.
Who watches reality shows? Going by the popularity, may be everybody.
I thought “Moment of truth” was pathetic and it is going to be aired on all channels in all the languages. Whose brainchild was it anyway?
Breaking NEWS: Sushma says “Don’t get fooled by Rahul’s chocolate boy looks”. That is breaking NEWS?
Almost all channels run promos on Becoming “green” or Sustainable living etc. Take the Lead! Show us how you are contributing to the cause.

After all the mayhem on TV, I still love my college days’ favourites:
Everybody Loves Raymond
CSI – All three series
Oprah – I really miss u
BBC Documentaries
Travel n Living and Discovery channels


  1. Way to Go!!! :)
    wot r the now favorites?? Getting ready for the next quiz.. :D

  2. True..True.. I sometimes miss the good old doordarshan programmes..."Giant Robot" "He-Man" "Chitrahaar" "Chitralahari" and old MTV channel..