Thursday, July 7, 2011

Past Two Weeks...

Here are some things that got my attention in the past two weeks:
Books Should be Free: A friend sent me this link sometime back. It has epubs, iPod, and MP3 versions. I think I will never get over the page turning effect of the epubs version. In this site you will find books that were published before 1930 and hence no guilt over piracy. I am currently listening to my fourth book from the site. It is “Rilla of Ingleside”. Lucy Montgomery is my third favourite writer after Nathaniel Hawthrone and P. G. Wodehouse. I love the way she transports us to Prince Edward Islands. It is nice to listen to the times of the First World War from a person who lived during that period. You get a peek into the real fears, bravery, the worries and hopes of simple folk. That is the magic of this book. The downside of this listening is that it is affecting my socializing in the bus.
Google circle: People on my contact list on Gmail and Facebook have been raving about Google Circle. It is claimed to be Google’s answer to Facebook. But then on further digging I realized Google’s marketing gimmick. All people do not have access to Google Circle (atleast initially for the beta release) and hence creating an elite group of users. They seemed to have resorted to teenager mentality of creating an “It” group. Like all things Google this trick actually works. So will it be Google Buzz or Google Search? Wait and watch.
Courtney E. Martin: A woman of my generation with refreshing views. No male bashing, just a wholesome view of feminism. Watch her TED talk here-

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