Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Woman, thou shall not commit adultery! Man, go ahead..

This news item annoyed me today. Here is a man who cheated his wife, physically abused her, and yet the Kannada film industry is willing to support him?

Is it case of gender bias by the film industry? May be or May be not. When I read the news article and its comments, I realized that the husband is popular in Karnataka. The producers have invested a lot on his movies and are willing to protect him. So they have convinced his wife to withdraw the domestic violence case that she filed against him. But why ban Ms. Thukral?
Are they suggesting that she, the other woman, seduced an innocent man into having an affair?
Shouldn’t the association of producers be arrested for protecting a wife beater?
I wonder what the other female actors in the industry have to say about the ban. Are they scared of being labeled too? Are they scared of any such bans? Or are they being “practical” and minding their business?
So what is next? Women will be stoned to death for adultery?


  1. Shame on all of them!!!And the poor girl has to face the ban, though the man is equally wrong and should be punished too. But is this the first time a married man is having an affair with another woman???? I dont think so, I can come up with atleast a dozen names in a minute :).

  2. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jul/08/iran-halts-woman-death-stoning - there is one such proceeding already.

    p.s: i see a furious n fuming u in the post :)

  3. with all the moral policing and culture policing tht day wont be far when this place gets talibanized. ya i am angry with injustice.. learning to voice it out ;)