Sunday, November 27, 2011

Random Thoughts

I am recovering from the love showered by the weather. This time the weather was a little too generous with me and my wheezing coughs scared my teammates. Every time I fall sick I realize my blog posts are delirious too. So here goes:
  • I am surprised that “Why this Kolaveri di” is appreciated by non-tamil speaking people. I was surprised that Dhanush mumbling in Tanglish has become so popular. After listening to it a few times I realized that it is a little silly and tanglish makes it universally appealing as opposed to Tamil. I mean everyone can understand it unlike Tamil. Must say it is very articulate. ;) :D
  • Yeah yeah I got to watch a few low budget sensible Tamil movies.
  • I guess one falls sick because one’s body wants a break. The question is-was I really that tired?
  • I realized that gender stereotyping starts with nursery rhymes. I was watching rhymes with my son and the video for “Around the Mulberry bush” has a girl washing clothes and a boy ironing clothes. Sometime back when I went to a kid’s store I saw rhymes books for boys were different from the ones for girls. I thought it was a one-off bad marketing idea. But there seems to be a pattern here.
Some very intellectual thoughts for you to chew on, is’nt it? :D heheh


  1. Aww, get well soon Kalpana! Yes, gender stereotyping starts right from blue for boys and pink for girls. It's sad, but it's very much there.