Friday, March 15, 2013


What is your definition of a family? Ideally and traditionally it should be a father, mother, and children with a lot of support from extended family. But some people are luckier than some others.
I was browsing and found this quote about family but I forgot to save the link-
“There is love in the household and that the children can depend on the adults to nurture them, guide them, and protect them. That’s family.” I thought it was a very good definition of a family. But I realized just now that it is a non-inclusive one. I think that is the best definition of a healthy family environment for children. Without getting too sentimental, I think a family is one where people are nurtured by each other. Period.


  1. Feminism is stupid. See.

    1. If you are a woman, thank feminism because you can read, write, and post on this blog only because somebody somewhere fought for women's education. If you are a man, I am sure believing that must be very convenient. You made your point, now get lost.