Tuesday, June 9, 2015

36 Vayadhinile

Yes yes I loved it. Jyothika was awesome. It was light-hearted with a strong message. No tears atleast no ugly tears. Thank you, 36 Vayadhinile team. It definitely passes the Bechdel Test.
This post would be incomplete if I didn't mention the original Malyalam movie starring Manju Warrier. But ignorant me knew about it only after getting to know about this movie.

If we want the quality of our movies to improve, I strongly believe that women should go out to the theaters and watch movies. We should voice out our opinions about these movies. Otherwise, we will be bombarded with lousy and regressive movies. We do not want that, do we?

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  1. Yes.I too loved the movie.for once it was good to see a middle aged woman as the main protaganist rather than an usual teenage girl.