Sunday, January 4, 2009

Movies of 2008

I wrote this post last year but somehow never came around to publish it. Now I have to edit “this year” to “last year” and publish it. I did not watch many movies last year in the cinema hall. I watched many movies last year on DVD. I can’t really say if I liked any particular movie or for that matter if I did not like any. Here goes the list of movies that I remember.
  • The Note – you probably did not hear of the movie because this is a TV movie. If you are a sentimental fool like me then you will love this movie. It will touch you and move you to tears. It will leave you in a Christmassy mood. It is about a plane crash and the last message left by a father to his child. It is a simple movie and I am sure you will guess the child at the very beginning of the movie. But it will bowl you over with its underlying message of faith and hope.
  • A Wednesday - it is slightly OTT; ok no abbreviations, Over The Top. But I liked the movie because it is different from other Indian movies.
  • The English Patient – ya I know, you are probably wondering if I was living in a cave until now like my friends did. But I got the chance of watching this movie just now. I could not relate to the movie but by the end of the movie it affected me. I liked Naveen Andrews and Juliette Binoche’s story better. I loved ‘citizens sans frontiers’ message. But it is sad that people realize it after a very tragic personal loss.
  • Rock On – this was an average movie. It was about male bonding and so the “emotional mess” had to be at its minimum. But I enjoyed watching the movie.
  • A Good Year – this movie was the male version of “Under the Tuscan sun”. It is one of those time pass movies with some funny instances.
  • Welcome to Sajjanpur – It has a few subtle messages. But Shyam Benegal does not din it into your head, which is why I liked it.
  • Charlie’s war – this was a desperate attempt at being an innocent American patriotic citizen. It does have about two or three witty dialogues.
  • Inside man – this movie has a few holes that cannot be ignored but I enjoyed the movie. This is a smart movie with many flaws. It is not a regular thriller.
  • Dor - Movie about two women and their struggles. But no crying scenes or male bashing. Refreshing is'nt it?
  • Babel – This is a post 9/11 concept. I liked the idea of an event in one corner of the world effecting people in different parts of the globe. But I fell asleep half way through the movie.
  • Rab ne bana di Jodi – this is a mix of kabhi alvida na kehna and Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Lessons learnt that day was not to go for a moviethon and watch very long movies back to back. This behaviour leads to very severe headache.
  • Varanam Ayiram –I was really looking forward to this combo of Gautam Menon and Surya. But there is only one reason to watch this movie. No, Surya in uniform makes it a second reason. No, the third reason is well was it 6 pack or 12 pack??
There were many other movies that I watched. But I can’t remember many of them. All I remember of 'Jodha Akbar' or of 'Sex and the City', was giggling a lot. It was mostly because of the company and had very little to do with the movies. Everytime I watch movies like 'Made of Honor' or '27 dresses', I wonder why I watch these movies. But I watch them anyways. Oh by the way I liked Indian movies better last year more than Hollywood movies.

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