Monday, February 2, 2009

Perfect Day

So what makes a perfect day? This is my perfect day:

Wake up in the morning to the sound of wind chimes hanging on your window and soft breeze blowing through your room. Wake up, freshen up and have a nice cup of coffee.

Work out for a while. Water plants. Have a good breakfast with your family. Do your regular chores while listening to awesome music. You actually listen to every word in the song because your mind is not clouded with any thoughts. Have a warm super shower. Comb your hair and know that it will stay that way through out the day. Same with lip stick and eye liner.

Drive to work with no traffic jams or crazy drivers on your way. Reach office on time. Go around the office wishing all your friends a good day. Attend meetings and know that everybody is having a great time at work. Peacefully complete composing atleast one topic. Have a quick lunch. Your PM reviews your work and says “AAmmmai-zing work. Its perfect, nothing else has to be added.” – hold your breath - Yep, those comments are for the first iteration. You complete atleast three items on your to-do list for the day. You get through the day without discussing recession, job losses, market crashes, and so on.

Reach home to help your Mom in the kitchen. Have a quite dinner with your family. Yeah, as usual browse the Web after dinner while listening to music. Blog for atleast 15 minutes just as you have been promising yourself forever. Read those technical articles without feeling exhausted. Chat with a few friends and they forget to ask you “that question”. Go to bed after wishing all your friends ‘Gn :)’ by forwarding some stupid sms. Sleep with a good song playing in your head.


  1. wishful thoughts..i jes wish they come true..especially those reduced iterations with the PM

  2. Very nice. I like how your family comes together in a quiet way :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

  3. hey tht was quick.. thanks for stopping by my blog :)