Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ahh!! What was that??

When parents are out of town, one of the perks is staying up late to read books. Other benefits include sleeping in their huge bed in their air conditioned bedroom. It is way past 11PM and I am reading Richard Bach’s “Bridge Across Forever”. Aghh, this chapter is so boring and Mr. Bach, you always write about soul mates but you married three times! I say to myself “It is ok Kalpana; let it go, remember to each his/her own. There is also a theory that we have more than one soul mate, so go with the flow.”

I close my eyes and listen to the stillness of the house. Except for the soft hum of AC and the ticking of the clock, the house is completely silent. I open my eyes to look at the clock and it is almost 12. I chuckle thinking it is time for ghosts to go hunting. Oooh spooky! The voice in my head says “Don’t laugh silly, you can get your wish fulfilled.” Ok, time to focus on other things. Hmm let’s see politics- nah, music- coldplay, TV- whatever. Close your eyes and try to sleep.

Two dogs start barking and I remembered my friend Shoja saying “Some souls are lost and they roam on earth. We can’t see them but dogs can hear their footsteps..”. Whoa where did that come from? She said that when we were in sixth class.

Don’t know why but I start feeling that I am not alone at home. I have this strange feeling that there is something going on. That’s ok, one of my sweet vampire friends will be awake and I can talk to them. Now where is that mobile? Oops!! It is on the dresser in the other room. When I placed my foot on the floor, I could hear something walking and nails scratching the floor. Ahem forget mobile, I will stay in bed. I heard strange sounds from kitchen.

Mom says three Hail Marys will do the trick. “Hail Mary full of grace..”. A prayer without a strong faith is not going to help. Remember that tamil movie where the guy was holding a cross without any faith and the ghost attacked him. Ok ok. Let me just concentrate .. focus….zzzz

The alarm goes off and it is 6 AM. Well that seemed like a bad dream. I go to my room and everything seems fine. I freshen up and go into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee for me. I open one of the cabinets for coffee powder. Oh God! What is this? A rat? Yuck, where did it come from?? So, this was the one causing havoc all night! I sheepishly called the exterminators.