Thursday, May 21, 2009

Comes with the territory

Did you observe that people from a particular profession say the same things or behave in a similar fashion? I guess it comes with the territory.

Politicians fighting for everything and right now they are fighting for sharing seats. Oh ya I forgot we are talking about politics, it’s bound to get dirty.

Models/ singers/ actors always come into their by profession totally by accident. “A friend made this portfolio as a prank and submitted to the agency” - Didn’t know making a portfolio was cheap. “the director spotted me while I was going to college” – if only life was that simple.

Ever heard any HR personnel giving a simple answer straight to the point? Standard answer is “I will get back to you on that”. Same goes for people managers and the standard answer with managers is “good question”. But where is the answer!!

If I had a penny every time I heard a customer service personnel, except Dell of course (wink wink), who very mechanically said “I completely understand how you feel” I would be rich.

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  2. Hey..this makes a wonderful digest of facts..well u can also add..all team leads on this planet will always pose faulty deadlines..which are generally much before the actuals..