Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don’t Look Back

After a long day at work, in my previous work place, a friend and me were leaving for home. I said that we should walk without looking back and if we did the chances of getting more work was very high. This reminded me of a story I heard as a child.
This is a story from the Old Testament and it is about a noble man who was living in a village full of sinners. One day God appears in his dream and asks him to leave the village with his wife and daughter. God warned him that the village was going to be destroyed. While they were leaving the village, they were not supposed to look back no matter what happened. So while the three of them were walking away from the village, they heard bolts of thunder and fire destroying the village. The man and his daughter walked without looking back but his wife could not resist temptation and looked back. Immediately she turned to a pillar of salt. This story is usually told in the context of absolute obedience to God’s will.
When I first heard the story as a child, I thought it was a little too harsh. As I was narrating the story to my friend, I realised it could be a metaphor for life. You are to believe in God/ destiny/ Superior being and follow him or her. You don’t look back no matter what happens. If you do, you could become a pillar of salt - read tears. No regrets.

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