Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Quirks! Few weird qualities that everyone possesses but we laugh when we see them in others.

Here are some quirks:

When I like a song, I obsessively listen to it over and over.

Ever noticed when people exchange files from mobiles or any other device using Bluetooth? When my friends and I exchange music, we all come closer to form a circle after enabling Bluetooth like a group of junkies trying to use a joint. Once the files are exchanged we move back saying “aahh” as though we just got our fixes.

I know someone who loves to keep everything clean and orderly. One day at a restaurant, she realised that the sugar coated ‘Sauff’ was not spread evenly on the plate and she started spreading it in all seriousness.

I know a Test Engineer who just revamped his blog and tested every aspect of the template including comments. Now that is called being a thorough professional.

I saw this lady in a train who was started spraying room freshener as soon she boarded the train. She went on to spray every few hours during the journey.

But to each his/her own. Who are we to complain? They are just quirks. Is'nt it?


  1. hehe.. true true.

    i do that song thing, but i ususally get bored of the song within a few days..

    once, i spotted this lady who incessantly kept cleaning her window, and went on and on for hours..

  2. This cousin of mine wants everything to be so super clean ..especially while having food..
    --if something spills out,she would stop eating and clean it
    --if somthing sticks to her palm, she will ensure to wash thoroughly. This can be for any number of times..

  3. I probably can name a few frm the blog!!

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  6. Hey..I am nominating your blog for the reputed "Butterfly Award". The logo will be e-mailed to you. Please put it up on your blog and show off to your friends :-)