Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I composed this article when I started blogging but I never got to post it. After changing two companies these thoughts seem very relevant even now. So here it goes...
Today I was having a discussion with a very close friend and I realized how much we women depend on each other. Don’t know how much men need to bond with other men. But we women just have to be around women.
We need each other’s company to go to the ladies room too.
Can anyone live without friends?? What will happen to coffee breaks without them? Who will give us our daily dose of gossip? Who will listen to your sob stories? Who will laugh at you/ with you? Who will give you tips on dresses and make up?
We know at work place we should not be too attached to people. But I was never able to stick to that rule. I always found at least one close friend in any team that I moved into. And that friend is always a girl/lady/women (at this age all these terms do not seem to fit).
Don’t have a sister so can’t comment on having a sister.
As a child we of course need our Moms. But as we grow up we need them even more. Without getting too mushy about it, we need our Moms for best practice sharing at different stages of our life.
I guess after a certain age Moms need their daughters too, as much as they love to say that we pester them. Have you observed women who have no daughters? They look old beyond their years. I think it is because after marriage women loose touch with their friends. Husband and children become a biggg priority. So when sons are ready to “fly from their nests” women suddenly become lonely. I am not saying men don’t take care of their parents. But somehow they do not share the same bond that a daughter shares with her mother.  When daughters reach their teens, they become their Mother’s friend. In spite of the fact that this relationship sometimes turns into a love-hate relationship, it is one that both the parties cherish. And then women start to enjoy their lives once again. Trips to beauty parlors (take your Mom to a pedicure, she will not admit it but she will love it), shopping, eating out, working on projects of mutual interest etc makes it ever so interesting. I could go on about it forever.


  1. I miss u all the more now. I miss mom, Sis, U, Suhas,Kutty.. evryone... :'( ..

    Damn therez no BP nearby.. need to get a pedicure .. my eyebrows they sure need a TRIM now.. LOL..

  2. Thats a good one... :) a fact that I can never disagree with...

  3. completely agree....


  4. Good one...I second u shinds...:-)

  5. so touching post and meaningful- yes it is- I just felt it off late and my daughter is a 7 year old mere