Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Baby

Here are just bits about my pregnancy that I wanted to share:
I don’t know how I was so sure but i knew that I was pregnant. Just intuition I guess. When I went to the doctor for confirmation, I was a little embarrassed because I was the only one who was in her thirties. However, when I got the results I did not really care about my age or the people around me. It was not until the next visit that I realized how lucky I was. Very young women were visiting the hospital for problems like cysts and hormonal imbalances. I am very grateful that I did not face any such problems.
I did not have any of the common symptoms like morning sickness etc. However, I have had some uncommon symptoms but I will spare you the details. I have had to give up a few of my favorite things too like high-heeled shoes, wardrobe stuck to salwar kameez, minimum hair coloring, and very little pickle, no coffee, very little chocolate, no pasta, no Chinese food and so on.
Ever since I got the confirmation, every day has had its beautiful moments. The first scan was like witnessing a miracle. This was the first time I saw my baby. I could not make much of it, though, except a tiny fluttering on the screen. This tiny fluttering was the throbbing of my baby’s heart. I do not think I was more grateful in my life to God and appreciated technology than I did at that moment.
It was more than five months of my pregnancy and I could not feel the baby move. First, I did not think much about it but I slowly began worrying. Then on one Sunday, I could feel the baby move. I guess I felt it before but I did not realize it. However, that day I was somehow sure. When I told my Mom about it, she was thrilled and gave me palm sugar so that the baby would move more.
My baby’s communication with me has been amazing. He moved around a lot when I ate sweets, especially when I ate sweets from the best of quality shops. When I slouched, he would start tapping my stomach as though he was asking me to give him enough space to move.
He is such a joy. He is mamma’s boy, mamma’s pride and joy. I pray to God that he has good health and strength of character. With these two he can achieve anything. Thank you God.
P.S. -I know this post sounds like rambling but it comes straight from the heart.


  1. Hi Kalpana, Nice to read your experiences... I wish he gets whatever is the best in the world.

  2. so touching kalpi.....makes me want my turn to come fast