Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Dug out another old post -
I am not a morning person but I love mornings. It’s the best time of a day. Of course evenings are beautiful too but mornings are more beautiful. The sights and sounds of early morning are music to the ears and a treat to the eyes.
Mornings are magical. Anybody who has worked in night shifts, I guess, will love it. I always liked mornings. After working in the nights, waking up in the mornings has been a real pleasure, something I will not take for granted.
Wake up in the morning, lie lazily in the bed and just listen to the sounds around your home. The wind chimes on my window clinking in the background. Have a cup of coffee. Read the newspaper. Have breakfast with my family. This is why we are born, to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
Yesterday when I woke up I heard a nightingale singing. How often do you get to hear it? Thank God, I live in the suburbs. Today the most amazing thing happened. I was watering my plants. The jasmine creeper had a few buds. It was absolutely lovely. So I thanked it and immediately there was a slight breeze. The plant made a slight bow as though it was saying “you are welcome”. WOW!!! Can’t think of anything intelligent to describe it.

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  1. Wow...!!! I can experience it ... reading ur post :)