Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Congrats World Champion

I know by now every Indian blog out there will be filled with cricket, world cup, patriotism, and so on. In short, every blog will tell you that we are world champions.

I have nothing new to say. The purpose of writing this piece is to record my special moments of this world cup for my future reference.

Back in my college days I would veg out in front of the TV for hours just to watch Rahul Dravid play. I can’t believe I watched test matches just to look at him. Slowly I lost interest in cricket just as my crush on Dravid faded. I got busy with life and a month back I didn’t even realize the world cup was approaching. I saw status messages on Facebook and asked one of my friends, very articulately “you mean the world cup world cup is approaching not the T20 or something”.

My world cup journey started with facebook and I tracked India’s progress on FB. I was too lazy to turn to sports column of the newspaper. I remained untouched for a long time. And then the India Australia quarter final happened. When I saw the employees in my office glued to the big screen in the cafeteria i was thrilled. We didn’t have such a turn out for very important townhalls too. The world cup fever started rubbing off on me.

We reached semi-final and played against Pakistan. I was looking forward to it like every Indian. Somehow this mania can be contiguous. I mean, I am not a India fanatic but somehow all the talk about the match got to me.

We gathered in the cafeteria post lunch to watch the match. The entire building was emptied out into the cafeterias. Both the national anthems were played. When the Indian anthem was played everybody stood up and the emotional fool in me started weeping. So here are some fb status messages before the match began:

  • 1 lakh for a 10k ticket, 17 lakhs for a 10 second adv,22000 for a one way ticket to c'garh on wed morning flights,richest men in asia fighting for jet parking space at c'garh airport,i billion hearts synchronized at the same level, 75% productivity of the most upcoming nation stopped on the penultimate day of the financial year.....are you sure this is just a game.....cheers !!!
  • This country would not be as tense or excited if the end of the world were upon it!
And a few after we won:

  • Surrounded by Projector Screens & Plasma Televisions, 500+ EMEA guys cheering , and INDIA won....after sooo long seen such great Enthusiasm on Sales floor as ONE TEAM....luvd this day
  • We won... we won... we won...... :) :) :) after my engg days, today I prayed to the maximum possible extent
  • Now we can sleep peacefully...Good Night friends
  • Even Diwali was not so grand in my colony as its today...............
  • Mr. Gilani can give his team a ride back home now... ;-)
  • Wat a day! wat a drive! and to round it off wit some canning!
  • Lahu Ke Do Rang. Ek Neela Ek Blue!
Fast forward to the final-

  • When Sachin got out...I had Tears in my eyes....then I held The Indian flag when Gauti and Kohli were on a roll......I kept flag flying high for the last 15 overs....didnt pass it on to anyone else..Indiaaaaaaaaaaaa India....shouting out loud.. Such is the emotion, passion and exuberance when India is winning....
  • All for Sachin.... my childhood hero.... WE ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!
  • 1.21 billion prayers finally answered...
  • Just saw a Sri Lankan drinking tea from saucer , he said the Indians took the cup !!!
  • I bet it is noisy all over in India! A win since 1983 sure calls for those firecrackers!!
  • Start breathing lads!
    Dhoni ne dho di!
Edited to add - Two matches with brilliant ending and I am not talking about the result. The beautiful catch and the superb six.
(Image - http://cricketvillage.blogspot.com/)
Thanks a lot to all my witty friends.


  1. Though I didnt watch the match, I switched on the TV to see Dhoni lift the cup :)

  2. Nice post Kalpana!!!