Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Personal Creed

I wanted to write my personal creed, loosely put my life’s mission, for almost three years. However, I never got down to writing one. These words, every word, from Hilda Carroll best represent my thoughts.

I am a work in progress. I live each day conscious
that where I am is a result of my past thoughts,
words and deeds, and that where I’m going is being
shaped right now. So I try to show kindness and
respect to all whom I meet throughout my day,
including myself.
After spending over three decades living within my
comfort zone, I now strive to grow and stretch
myself. I have sometimes let fear of other people’s
opinions hold me back, but more and more now I
let that go and do what feels good and right for me
in the moment.
I believe in my own power and responsibility in
shaping how I experience every event in my life. I
am grateful for all the good in my life, both people
and experiences. And I am equally grateful for the
lessons I learned from less savoury events in my
life. (Though I hope not to repeat the painful
lessons or experiences again!)
I know that those whom I judge are mirrors of
myself, and I am learning the art of forgiveness and
non-judgement – of myself and others.
I am mindful that my time here is not only limited
but also uncertain. And so I put less things off until
'someday', and do more things now. I live the best
life that I can right now, because I know that right
here right now is all I really have.


  1. Nice one Kalpana!!! BTW.. the header image is too good. I am a great fan of your writings and your creative ideas too