Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whats Wrong with Being a Feminist

Most of my family and friends called/chatted to check with me to know if everything was ok in my life. The reason being the past few posts have been about feminism. Even though most of the people I know are open-minded and do not see anything wrong with being a feminist, I wondered why being a feminist was not easily accepted.
Most people hold a very negative opinion of feminists. A woman who understands her worth and has the courage to stand up for herself is a feminist. A man who treats every woman like he would want his daughter to be treated is a feminist too. In short it is about being human. I strongly believe that any community or race that mistreats a section of its population is not going to thrive for a long time. So if we want to survive for a long time we better get our act together.
If one was standing up against corruption, racism, and so on no one would be surprised. So, why this stigma against feminists? I do not believe in any conspiracy theory that men have something to do with this. I wonder if the portrayal of feminists in Indian movies has something to do with it. Do you remember movies where women who fight for equality were ones wearing sleeveless blouses, going to clubs, who don’t breastfeed their babies, and so on. All of it was their version of what a woman should not be and what a feminist is. But where did the movie makers get these ideas from? I leave it to you tell me.
But whatever the reason, I am willing to accept being one. Yes people! It is official-I am a feminist. Deal with it.