Monday, September 19, 2011

Scenes from a Marriage

Scene 1-Before the marriage

Groom-“Tell me what we should buy after marriage?”
Bride-Thrilled that he was thinking about their future together she said “Not sure but a washing machine will be of great help.”
Groom later tells his sister-“We are buying a washing machine after marriage”.
Sister then calls her mother-“Anna plans to buy a washing machine for his future wife.”
Mother of the bride gets a call from the mother of the groom-“…so you will be giving your daughter all kitchen items, bed etc and a washing machine, of course.”

Scene 2-After marriage

The bride was wearing her bridal sari, flowers in her hair, and completely decked up with jewelry. She was sitting alone beside her husband with her heart full excitement ready to start a new life. He held her hand. She was wondering if he would kiss it. He slowly began counting the gold bangles on her hands. He paused at one particular bangle saying “this looks like it was made during the time of Akbar”. She said that it was a family heirloom. He chuckled and then moved onto the chains she was wearing. He was weighing each chain with his hands and said “hmm.. looks heavier than it actually is”.

Scene 3-Visiting relatives

The groom’s aunt invited the newly weds to her house for dinner. She also invited a few of his cousins. After all the pleasantries, the groom asked his wife if she wanted to go to the terrace with him for fresh air. When they were in the terrace they found that the stars were already out. She pointed out the ‘saptarishi’ in the sky to him. He blinked at it blankly and said “hmm..”. She was talking about a lot of stuff. She was slowly beginning to realize that the foundation of her marriage was not based on love alone. She was trying to overlook all that. She believed that things would get better between them. She was trying hard to impress him. Lord knew she was giving her best. He suddenly said “My father wanted to give my sister 8 lakhs in cash, 150 powns (tamil unit of measurement of gold, that is 8 gms=1 pown) of gold, a car, and a house. But she eloped. What are your parents planning to give me?” She asked if it won’t matter that she is educated and working, that is, earning. He laughed out loudly saying that every girl these days is educated and that she is not special in any way.  

Scene 4-Setting up a new home

They moved into a new house. She was trying to settle into the new environment, starting a new routine, getting her head around the fact that she has to plan and prepare every meal. She was happy to decorate her new home-her home, her kitchen. She was happy and scared all at the same time. Her husband then handed her over the phone saying his mom wanted to talk to her. She was hoping that her mother-in-law was calling her to bless them for starting this new journey. Her MIL wanted to know what was for breakfast. She said that they bought dosa looking at the stove that was yet to be setup. Her MIL said “umm.. don’t waste money like that. Be smart. Get all the household items you want from your parents. Ask them everything you need. Don’t forget anything. We will come soon to check what they have given you.”


  1. Hmmm, sounds very sad. Unfortunately such things are so real in our society. As a married woman, I can totally understand how it would feel if I was in that situation. But more than the girl, I pity the husband and in-laws who constantly think of money, who cannot value and cherish the love a girl could bring into their home. Very well written, you brought out the sadness in the situation beautifully.

  2. I hope that this nightmare is a work of fiction and not reality! Although, I know that many might be facing such 'scenes' daily. May God give them the strength, courage and wisdom!!

  3. Hope over-shadowed these hungry jerks, which let the gal going for sometime in a presumptuous wait for Happily-everafter life. I am just too hopeful that the gal sensed, voiced out and had put up an authentic brave front to dismiss them. After such uneventful scenarios, it is a point of no return since life has many more wonders than marriage :)

  4. @Sumitra- Thanks and yes it is very sad.
    @Abu-Thanks and wisdom is definitely needed.
    @V-Thanks and :)

  5. So sad such things are still a reality and wonder how many women are suffering in silence. I am sure even if a woman comes across such incidents, she will choose to keep everything to herself, or atmost tell her mom and friends about it, but will never fight back, which obviously encourages such stuff.

  6. Very true Suneetha. Yes, many women do suffer in silence. But how long? Even if they never react it will be manifest in some way. Will she become a nasty mother-in-law? When the inlaws grow older can they expect her to take care of them? Can the husband expect anything from her if he never supports her? What is the consequence?

  7. Women should stand for themselves and stop waiting for miracles to happen...until then its going to be the same way...