Monday, April 16, 2012

Nesting Syndrome

When I was pregnant I suddenly had the urge to clean the house. This urge got stronger as I was getting closer to my due date. I got to know that this called the nesting syndrome. It is just a way to prepare for the birth of a baby. Birds do it too.  They build nests, decorate it with feathers, and make it cozy with twigs, feathers, mud etc.
Isn’t it amazing that nature makes us do stuff that is right for our situation. I often wonder what pushes us to buy a house. Is it nature again doing the trick? Do we as human beings need a space to call our own? So do you think buying a house is a materialistic aspiration? Maybe, maybe not.
My blog for a very long time has been my space. I decorated this space just like I would my own house, to reflect my personality. I bought a house last year and the sentiment transferred to the house.
I realized a house means a lot of things to a lot of different people. For many people it is their nest or crib with a lot of sentiments attached to it. For some it is an investment with no sentiments. For some it is a goal of a lifetime. For some, one is just not enough. Ah a house in the city may be a condo or a penthouse, one farm house for the weekend and one house for the retirement, not to forget the one for vacations. Would be great but that is a lot isn’t it?
For some people a house could represent hope for the future like the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. If you haven’t watched it, want to watch a movie with hope, and don’t mind watching a slow movie then you should watch it. It is about a lady who goes through a painful divorce but has not grown bitter because of it. She buys a dilapidated house in Tuscany and hopes to fix it. Dreams of having a big family so that she can cook for them in her big kitchen, hopes to have a wedding and a baby in the house. I just love the movie. According to the movie, a railway line was built in that area of Italy when trains were just invented and there were no plans of running trains in Tuscany. See the simile?
For some people buying a house could mean having some amount of control over their lives like the guy in How I Met Your Mother. He goes through many break ups and decides that the right girl can come into his life whenever she wants. He goes ahead to buy his dream house. His friends think he is crazy but he explains that the house is one thing in his life that he has control over and hence the purchase.
Here are some items that I bought before I bought my house.

And the name plate I ordered with Adipa a few weeks back: 

It was delivered just before Easter. Yayay.
Speaking of dream houses, here is my dream house. I want a small garden with a big tree and a swing, a big library, bathroom with a tub, the roof above my bed would be glass so that I can look at the stars and the rain at night, herbs for pest control, a window seat, big windows covered with light curtains, a roof garden to insulate the house from the sun, a cozy, bright, and comfortable kitchen attached with an dining area to entertain friends, balconies covered with straw blinds, wifi, and a water source somewhere in the locality.
So what elements will be part of your dream house? Please share it even if it is just a fantasy. Love to read about it and probably day dream about it.


  1. yes, I share a very similar dream of such a house. Lets start living together :P

  2. sure but location location? London? hehe :)

  3. Ooh, I love your dream house Kalpana! I do hope you invite me if you get to live there someday :D

  4. Your dream house is worth dreaming about :-) I have always dreamed of a farmhouse with the usual amenities (electricity, good plumbing and stuff), plenty of space for gardening, a cane swing, and play area for the children. I would love to have a dog and a horse as pets in my farmhouse. :-)