Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shaadi Hai, Shaadi Hai

This title was borrowed from Shilpa Shinde’s facebook status that she posted on the day of her marriage. I hope you don’t mind, Shilpa. It is apt for this post.
So my younger, that is, my only brother was married recently. So, be warned that this post can get very mushy and may not make much sense and least of all articulate.
The marriage and my laziness kept me away from blogging.
So you ask if we are a typical brother and sister? Maybe, maybe not.  We are definitely not the movie type brother and sister because we love ragging each other.
It was a beautiful wedding day and everything fell into place making the day even lovelier. I cried happy tears three times during that day. I was very happy but I was a complete mush inside. My baby brother was getting married! But I still consider him a baby. I wrote on his 18th birthday card that he could be all grown up but he would still be the baby of the family and that opinion continues.
The highlights of the day were:
the groom who was looking handsome as ever, 
the bride was at times blushing and at times joyous and looking completely beautiful every moment, 
the ring bearer was looking perfect, 
we were surrounded by people who loved us, 
the hilarious speech by the groom’s best friend, 
the geeky vote of thanks by the groom, 
and not to forget my darling of a best man. 
All happy moments.
It was fun growing up with my brother. I watched him talk non-stop as a cute toddler, play harmless pranks in the primary school only to turn into a silent and a well-balanced preteen calling his younger self immature. Ahmm..Whatever that means. As a teenager he was serious about his academics and his career. Along the way he learnt to play the keyboard and a bit of guitar, cultivated the habit to read, began quenching his curiosity about the world around him, travel, photography, appreciate good food, bungee jump, and play golf. Have I told you he loves photography? He gave clear instructions to the photographer on the eve of his wedding day about the events that were to follow, the angles that had to be covered, the poses etc. He gave instructions to the bridal party about the types of photos he wanted. Perfectionist, huh? But the results were awesome.
My sister in law is a sweet person with a bright smile and it was cute to watch her roam around the house popping bubble wrap.
The next marriage in the family will be my hero’s unless of course Bru’s kids overtake him. We will then tease him about this day when he became the runaway ring bearer, who refused to hold the pillow with the rings, didn’t hold the hands of the bridesmaid nor the flower girls', didn’t want to pose for the camera, and ran away from the bridal procession.
Here are some pics of my parents’ house and pics during the wedding day that were not posted on FB:

And the einvite we designed:


  1. Will be keen to hear the "geeky vote of thanks by the groom" :P. A sweet account of the wedding though.

  2. :-) and you looked lovely in the purple saree...Ishita and I had a great time! Thanks for having invited us :-)

  3. Nice post Kalpana!!! Had a nice time in your brothers wedding. After reading this post, I feel so happy to have attended it.