Monday, July 30, 2012

Arranged Marriages and The Big Bang Theory

I have been watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory and it struck me that these guys are ideal candidates for the arranged marriage market.
You ask me how?
All four of them are highly educated. All of them hold a phd degree except Howard.
All four of them are scientists.
All four of them are whipped by obedient to their mothers.
They have zero sexual history.
Can’t talk to women even if they wanted to.
No addictions.
God-fearing mother/ Scientist parents/ Rich gynecologist father.
It does read like a matrimonial ad isn't it? Well settled groom, good family background, and clean habits. All they have to do is post an ad saying “Seeking bride who is fair, slim, educated, homely (or should it be home loving?), and a working woman” and matches are going to pour in by the scores.
My bet is Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s profile will be the most sought after one. All four of them would be married in no time irrespective of how dysfunctional they are.
Don’t start talking about the benefits of an arranged marriage because you would be preaching to the choir. I had an arranged marriage. It is not necessarily such a bad thing. Arranged or love boils down to commitment. My question is how long will arranged marriages be relevant? We meet people of the opposite sex everyday. We know the kinds of people out there. Most of us need more than one meeting to find someone mildly attractive. Even love at first sight needs time and intimacy to evolve into a relationship that is ready for marriage.   
Don’t fool yourself in saying that we can find a middle ground between arranged and love marriage. You know there is no such thing as a love cum arranged marriage. If you find your spouse its love marriage and if your parents find your spouse it is called arranged marriage. It is your life. Grow up and take control of it.  
I remember my college lecturer saying “Marriage is like a lottery. Love marriages could give us a chance to tilt the scales in our favour.”
Haven’t our parents done enough for us already? Why burden them with finding our spouses too? Everybody’s profile looks good on paper. So take a good look at your profile, gain confidence, and meet people. Ditch community etc in favour of personality and compatibility. Meet people through your friends and dating/matrimonial sites. Join forums or groups that interest you and meet people who have similar interests as yours. Enjoy getting to know them. Decide when your heart and mind says it is the right thing to do.
To quote Frank Sinatra loosely, you may have a few regrets but you would have done it your way.
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  1. nice post :) all the best!!

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  2. I'm pretty sure no woman would be happy marrying Dr.Sheldon Cooper!! Except of course extreme picks like Ms. Amy Fowler! Even though these "nerds" look good on paper, they are socially awkward!! ;)

    Nice views though! ;)
    Keep Blogging!

    Indolent Insomniac