Friday, April 15, 2011

Smile .. please

Another old post.
The other day at work, I noticed this married couple. The wife was waiting for her husband. The husband came down, started his bike, waited for his wife to sit and they left. I thought it was strange. Where was the “I am so happy to see you smile”? I know the wife is a lady with a nice smile not sure about the husband though. I was wondering if they had an argument but their body language did not show any signs of it. May be he had a long day or he is an introvert. But, she is his wife! Come on after all, a smile is just an acknowledgement which says “I see you”.
Slowly I started wondering what if I am married to a guy like that. Oh God, no Lord, please don’t do that.
I believe a man with an open smile is very attractive. An open smile indicates an open mind. A nice smile can compete with any number of good looking men out there. I know all the women will agree with me on this one.
An open laugh is also endearing. Not the kind of laugh that you see in the laughing clubs in the mornings. Those are plain scary. But the kind of laugh that is not conscious of the people around them. You know the kind of ones that are almost child like. The kind of laugh that is open and whole hearted. It indicates that the person is capable of having a good time immaterial of the situation they are in. I know all my close friends have it and I love them for it.
You think I am attaching a lot of importance on a smile or a laugh. Well my observations on smiles and laughs may not be backed by any scientific research. But I have talked to enough number of people to know that I am right.
Would’nt it be nice if people practiced it everyday. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Wake up in the morning and start your day with a nice smile. You go to work, check your mails and pick up coffee. Go around meet all your friends and wish them a bright good morning. That would be a great start. Then may be when you return home you would be able to give that “I am so happy to see you smile” to your spouse.
PS-Added this today-I am married to a man with an open smile. My son's smiles are the highlight of my day.
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